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This course/experience is designed for people either already qualified as vets or someone that is in the process of becoming a vet (preferably 3rd year or more into veterinary studies) and veterinary nurses. Others will be considered via Skype interview.  The course is designed to be a hands-on experience where veterinary volunteers will be involved in all facets of wildlife capture and veterinary procedures.

Some of the procedures you may be involved in, include:

Darting of wildlife species for:

  • DNA sampling.
    These species could include Bontebok, Impala’s and their subspecies, Sable antelope, Roan and more. DNA sampling kits will be provided and then sent to labs to analyse.

  • Animals to be moved/ relocated or treated.

  • Rhino for de-horning due to poaching pressure.

  • To do medical treatments.

  • Measure horn size for unique species to be advertised for sale.

  • TB testing in buffalo.

  • Microchip inplants insert.

  • Fitting collars to animals that will be tracked for research and safety reasons.

  • Transmitter darting for animals in thick bush or at night.

  • Mineral and vitamin deficiencies that can be delivered in a dart.

  • Deworming for certain species.

It can also include mass game capture operations with nets/sails and helicopter

Students can also look forward to a chance to practice their darting skills from a helicopter on a moving target. The course will run over 3 weeks and from Mondays to Fridays you will have a tight schedule and long, busy days. Certain procedures will have to be done on weekends but students will get an extra day off again in the next week. There will be a thorough orientation on what to expect on all planned procedures as well as allocating certain tasks to individuals.

All participants must be fit and in good health as these procedures can be exhausting.

Participants will also have to go through a process of submitting a full CV and a Skype interview before being accepted on the course.

Please note that the course can only run with a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 9.

So if you are an adventurous person that wants to get experience in the wildlife veterinary industry, this program will greatly benefit you and leave you with life long memories of you experience in South Africa.

Please enquire about our tailor made veterinary courses!


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