Our Vision...

The Umkhondo project started with the vision to create a broader spectrum to environmental awareness

Along with the short term, more immediate goals to rehabilitate agricultural land and local community uplifting, the Umkhondo project aims to develop a long term self-sustaining natural environment, create community awareness, expand the existing reserve, continue our successful free roaming cheetah breeding and research and most importantly... TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

This immersive wildlife project offers you close encounters from the safety of a vehicle with some of the most charismatic mammals in Africa.

During the night you will hear the roar of lions, and wake to the early morning calls of the Hadeda birds.

Volunteers take part and run all research on various wildlife species in the reserve. We have numerous research projects running and all data is collected and compiled into a detailed monthly report.


We make sure that the volunteers get training in all the fields of work they will be involved in from tracking courses to approaching animals on foot.

Hard work is also part of a normal day with projects like alien clearing and erosion control.

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