Rules & Regulations...

As you will all be sharing a house these rules will help to keep everyone comfortable. There will be someone to do the cleaning of the house , please keep the house tidy, she will do the big stuff...

Please read these rules to indicate that you understand and respect them:

  • Please leave dirty/muddy shoes at the door .

  • Please do not leave any clothing lying around the house (this includes socks) please put all your belongings in the cupboard, or in your suitcase.

  • Please make use of one bed only. Do not leave belongings on the other beds in the room, please keep the rooms tidy and make your beds in the morning, we often have agents that just “pop in” without warning, and I need to show them the accommodation.

  • There are extra warm blankets in the closets in the room, if you need more please ask Vicki, do not take the bedding off other beds please.

  • The blankets in the house (big and small) are for use IN the house ONLY. Please do not take any blankets outside or in the vehicles.

  • The kitchen needs to be tidied after every meal, please do not leave any dirty plates or cups lying around, as this will attract insects and is unhygienic.

  • Please leave the bathroom like you would like to find it.

  • If anything breaks please tell Vicki (accidents happen) if we don’t know it’s broke we cannot replace it.

  • Free wifi is included in your stay. The internet is for whatsapp, email, facebook, and work. Please do not skype or down load anything from the internet. The wifi is for everyone's usage, please do not overuse this privilege - sharing is caring

  • No smoking inside please, and smoking in the reserve is only permitted on allocated smoke brakes, please inform Vicki or Hein if you need a smoke stop, this area has a huge risk for runaway fires.

  • No relationship with any of our staff members, as we don’t want a broken heart to spoil your African experience. If you feel khaki fever coming on, run in the opposite direction ;-)

  • If you have ANY questions or complaints please talk to Vicki or Madre, if unresolved please contact Kim or Hein we want you to have a fantastic and unforgettable time with us and we will do our absolute best to help you achieve this.

  • If everyone does their part, the house will be much nicer to share. If you feel that anyone is not doing their share please talk to Vicki.

  • Please pay any accounts outstanding at the end of every week, this includes transfers and bar/shop accounts.

  • Please keep showers short, we are experiencing one of the worst droughts in years, although we use fountain water it is not a supply we want to exhaust.

© 2018 Umkhondo Big-5 Wildlife Volunteering

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