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xhosa for footprints. the marks left behind. a trace suggesting something moved through, was once present or was otherwise important.
  • In February 2009 Hein and Kim Schoeman saw an opportunity to share their passion for conservation with others who shared a similar calling.
  • They wanted to make a difference in their local community by teaching about agriculture, wildlife, sustainability and returning the land to its natural, original state.
  • They wanted to make a difference. That difference is the Umkhondo Project.
  • The Umkhondo Project offers an absolutely incomparable volunteer experience in practical knowledge and diverse hands-on encounters with the world famous Big-Five animals of Africa.
  • The program allows up-close, personal experiences with lions, elephants, buffalo, rhinos, and in the rare occurrence leopards, as well as other South African wildlife – all within a malaria-free, private game reserve.
  • You will learn every facet of operating a game reserve producing memories that will last you a lifetime and more importantly, you will be part of the difference that returns these lands to their natural, self-sustaining state.
  • It’s not only about what you take with you, but the lasting effects of what you leave behind... your footprints.
  • In 2016 we added 2 new partners to the Umkhondo family, as well as adding a few new reserves, we have made such a difference at the Garden Route Game Lodge we have decided to expand our efforts to other reserves nearby, we divide our time according to the needs of these reserves.

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